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Featured Projects

Evil Ink Records


I was tapped to join the Evil Ink team as a motion graphics artistvideo editor, and web designer, working with artists to deliver unique and robust multimedia solutions for presale campaigns, content updates, and elements that required custom code integration to bring ideas to life, further sustaining each artist’s brand and continuing to grow in the spirit of Evil Ink Records, founded by Coheed And Cambria frontman, Claudio Sanchez.


I created this animated video teaser to promote Thank You Scientist and Silver Snakes’ new vinyl releases in 2019, in addition to graphic design assets for social media promotion. Sound design was also necessary to mix each of the band’s separate tracks into each other, with consideration to song key.


The Lords Of Diesel EP campaign, which ran from the end of 2019 through February 2020, was by far one of the most fun and engaging campaigns I’ve ever done. I was given free rein of the creative process and execution and the results were unparalleled. The latest tale of Fire Deuce, an alter-ego created by Coheed And Cambria guitarist Travis Stever, fueled the trajectory and pacing of each progression throughout the campaign and truly inspired the execution of new ideas on the web development front, drawing fan engagement and a memorable promotion.

Campaign featured below.

Thank You Scientist repressed a very limited amount of records for their debut album, Maps Of Non-Existent Places. I created a surrealistic travel through space and time using the track “My Famed Disappearing Act” as the soundtrack.

A Closer Look: Fire Deuce - Lords Of Diesel EP

Promotional Videos

Where's The Deuce? Website

In line with the story of Fire Deuce’s frontman Cleveland Stever’s escape from jail, I came up with the idea to create a fully-customized website to track the movements of the fugitive as he visited different, questionable places across the United States. I built the website from the ground up, complete with an interactive map (JavaScript/ReactJS, HTML, CSS) controlled by a database (Firebase) where coordinates for Cleveland Stever’s stops were visualized on the front end of the site. A Twitter account was created to keep the public updated of his whereabouts, causing frequent expressions of distain from Cleveland.

Though the original website was taken down after the campaign ended, a timeline of locations can be viewed on the @WheresTheDeuce Twitter account and the website is archived below.

Evil Ink Website

In conjunction with the promotional videos and specialized website, I was also tasked with updating and maintaining content on the Evil Ink Records website. With the Fire Deuce campaign, it was necessary to build a custom JavaScript counter, with a custom graphic overlay for branding purposes, that kept track of the percentage of money raised for Cleveland Stever’s bail. In addition to the counter app, the first video of the campaign was used on the landing page.

Other tasks included updating biographical information for Fire Deuce upon release to reflect current discography, as well as additional content updates for other artists and a post-release landing page for Fire Deuce – currently visible on the website. 

Bail Counter

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Graphic Art Assets